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Posted: June 2, 2020

FCA reminds of continued dangers from flooding

The Fairmont Community Association (FCA) this morning (June 2) issued an urgent message to residents of Fairmont Hot Springs, stressing continued dangers from flooding.

“Fairmont Creek and Cold Spring Creek remain active and more debris could come down at any moment, without warning. It is not safe and you must stay out of – and away from – both creeks. All of the debris traps are full and until they are cleared, the public must stay away from the creeks,” the FCA stated on Facebook.

“We are prioritizing the removal of materials based on the recommendations of the geomorphologist and in the interest of the safety of the community. The debris trap clean-out is currently underway – excavation started last night at 7 p.m.”

The association said further changes in the creeks or creek flow are still possible, particularly if it rains.

“If you see areas that are of immediate concern, you can call 250-426-2188 or 1-855-346-2188 to let us know the location so our Incident Command team can investigate.

“Your safety is our primary concern. We will continue to keep you updated on the plans for the ongoing work within the creeks once the geotechnical report or advice is received. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Lead image: Debris flow in Fairmont earlier this week. Image courtesy RDEK


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