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Posted: January 26, 2022

Golden Mountie saves man in crisis on bridge

Today, on Bell Let’s Talk Day, we are reminded to take a moment to reflect on the things we can do to recognize and help support ourselves and each other’s mental health.

This week in Golden a RCMP officer was instrumental in saving a man who was suffering a mental health crisis.

Earlier this month, Golden RCMP received a call about a man, who was walking eastbound on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Kicking Horse Rest area. The caller reported the man appeared to be lost.

Officers set out to locate the man. While patrolling the area, officers received updates that the man was now seated on the railing of the Kicking Horse Bridge. A bridge which stands over 300 feet above the water.

A Golden RCMP officer located the man, and as he approached, the man threatened to jump. The officer kept his distance and began to engage the man in conversation and de-escalate the situation. Slowly approaching the man’s position, while continuing to converse.

After some time, the man swung his leg over the railing, however the officer had moved to a position where he was able to grab the man’s jacket, but the buttons to his jacket opened and the jacket, and the man began to slip. Grabbing under the man’s arm, the officer pulled the man over the railing and onto the safety of the bridge.

The man continued to struggle with the officer’s attempts to put him into custody. A passing motorist stopped to assist the officer in controlling the man until another officer could arrive to help.

The man was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and transported to a local area hospital for assessment.

“We would like to recognize the actions of our officer and the motorist that stopped to assist our officer but we also want people to know that if you are in crisis, that there are resources available to assist you, including the police. If you need help, please call us,” stated Cpl. Mike Wilson of Golden RCMP.


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