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Posted: March 2, 2021

Grant allows substantial runway refurbishment

Through a recent grant announcement by the Province of BC from its Rural Economic Recovery stream of the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program, the Columbia Valley Airport Society is now in a position to complete significant refurbishment of the airport’s aging runway, a critical asset to the airport.

“From an assessment conducted in 2020 by a professional engineer, it was recommended that a significant refurbishment of the runway, apron and runway markings be carried out,” said Hans Baeggli, VP Columbia Valley Airport Society. “This grant will allow for this important work to be completed in 2021, which would not have otherwise been possible this year.”

The airport has been granted $242,528 for the project from the province.

The refurbishment will include runway crack filling of the entire runway and apron area followed by micro surface treatment of the entire runway and apron area. Replacement of pavement markings will be done after the crack filling and micro surface treatment have been completed.

Runways are any airports’ most significant asset and the Columbia Valley airport is no exception. Additionally, as a Navigation Canada registered airport the Columbia Valley Airport Society holds itself to their national safety requirements and guidelines for the benefit of all airport users.

The Columbia Valley Airport’s runway was constructed and commenced operations in 1986. The airport is an important and essential emergency and safety facility serving the Columbia Valley. More specifically, it is used for medical evacuations and transport (including night use), Search & Rescue operations and as a support base for forest fire fighting aircraft.

The Columbia Valley Airport Society (CVAS) is the volunteer governing body for the Fairmont Hot Springs public airport (CYCZ) in Fairmont Hot Springs. The society serves to ensure the airport remains operational as an essential service for the Columbia Valley area (Canal Flats to Golden).

The airport opened in 1986, has a 6,000-foot long by 100ft wide paved runway and is open year-round to landings from all aircraft, up to and including Boeing 737s. The public airport offers parking and refueling service and is manned during operating hours by volunteers who are also available on an on- call basis.

Lead image: Fairmont Hot Springs public airport (CYCZ). Columbia Valley Airport Society photo

Columbia Valley Airport Society

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