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Posted: November 16, 2016

Call to artists to show at Pynelogs

The Columbia Valley Arts Council invites you to submit an application for the 2017 Art Gallery season. Completed applications must be delivered or mailed to Pynelogs Cultural Centre by Monday January 16, 2017 at 4 p.m.

Welcome to the 2017 Art Gallery Season’s planning process for the Pynelogs Art Gallery & Cultural Centre, the home of the Columbia Valley Arts Council. You are invited to submit an application to be part of the 2017 Art Gallery season.

Among the many special arts & cultural events, concerts, film and workshops that CV Arts hosts, 2017 will bring another great season of innovative, creative and eclectic ART to the Pynelogs Art Gallery. Presently there are over 70 artists who show and sell their art and over 700 youth artists who display their work during our Gallery season.

Invermere's Pynelogs Cultural Centre.
Invermere’s Pynelogs Cultural Centre.

2017 should be another busy year at Pynelogs. We saw many people come through the Gallery in 2016 to enjoy the artwork from our talented local artists. The numbers were also up for guests participating in the second annual Invermere Art Walk. But we did feel another decline in art sales again this year, seems that our locals and visitors are being careful with their spending.

We moved the Gift Shop into the Gallery this year, making it easier for our guests to support our local Artists. We also ramped up our promotions this year with a bi-monthly poster promoting the two-week art shows and artist opening events. We also used this poster in our social media advertising. We continue to look for more innovative ideas to promote our local artists and what we offer at Pynelogs.

New this year is the Artist Party Soiree, replacing the Artist Opening Event. We would like to create more of a party atmosphere for this event, in hopes to drive a more diverse crowd to Pynelogs. We will continue to connect with musicians and DJs to offer the chance to entertain the crowds at the soiree. And we have put the cost of supplying food at the Soiree’s into promotions for the art shows. If you have any further ideas or suggestions to improve the Soiree please feel free to connect with the Gallery Manager or any CV Arts Board Member.

As a local artist, please be prepared to have a strong body of work for our visitors and locals to enjoy. Don’t over commit yourselves – stay focused, have clear intensions, keep your work strong and have fun!

The selection and scheduling process for Artists applying for an art show includes many important steps. The Selection Committee bases their decisions on the Artist Application on these six areas: Visual Impact, Skill/Technique, Inherent Meaning, Uniqueness, Fulfilled Intent and Overall Quality of the Application. Keep in mind the Selection Committee considers the applications based on the artist’s intention, purpose and genuine consideration of applying for an Art Show at Pynelogs Art Gallery.

Please be sure to complete the application fully. It is important that the applicant read and understands the application and process. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Remember that 95% of your work must be for sale.

I hope you have a wonderful fall and enjoy this quiet time to explore your creative side…

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Jami Scheffer

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