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Posted: February 27, 2019

How to create a new community event

By Anne Jardine

Invermere Community Centre and Invermere Public Library hosted a curious event on Saturday, February 23: the How-To Festival.

Librarian Nicole Pawluk (pictured right) invited people from the community to go public and share their expertise, and they responded in wild diversity with demonstrations and displays that offered ten minute courses in all sorts of skills from the lost art of tying a bow tie or a sailor’s knot or a fishing fly to the comic art of cartooning.

Iron a dress shirt? No problem. Fold a fitted sheet? Easy as 1-2-3! How do you make slime? How do you get your car ready for a road trip? Play a guitar? Program a computer? Make a beeswax food wrap? Make “slime”? Locate the star Polaris in the night sky? Keep a Hula-hoop rotating? Sink a putt on the golf course? Connect with your local newspaper? Say ten words in the Ktunaxa language? Live in a tiny house? Save a choking baby? Knit a scarf? Operate a Naloxone Kit to reverse the fatal effects of an opiate drug overdose? Make your house safe from a fire?

Everyone attending the How-To Festival learned something old or new, useful or fun. It was a rewarding day for enthusiastic instructors and the curious public.

Congratulations to the Library for sponsoring this engaging and interactive event – perhaps the first of many more to come.

Lead image: How to make your house fire safe. Anne Jardine PhotoPhotos courtesy Anne Jardine

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