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Posted: April 17, 2021

Immunization clinic opening Monday in Invermere

Windermere local health area

Based on increased COVID-19 activity in the Windermere local health area, Interior Health will run community vaccine clinics for anyone over 18 from April 19 – May 12 at the Invermere Catholic Church.

Please note that you need an appointment to receive your immunization and whole community clinics are only for people who live in the eligible communities.

Immunization clinics will verify postal codes at the time of appointments.

“We are aware of some instances of people traveling from other regions to seek vaccinations in these communities. This not only takes away from the calculated vaccine supply for the community but may also potentially expose residents to COVID-19 when people travel from other regions,” Interior Health noted in an April 17 announcement about the clinic.

Clinics will run Monday to Friday.

Eligible residents can register online or by phone.

COVID-19 vaccine information.

Lead image: COVID-19 cases in the Interior as of April 15. Note the surge of cases in the Columbia Valley. BCCDC images


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