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Posted: March 24, 2022

Invermere FireSmart to conduct grass burns

Invermere FireSmart (Invermere Fire Rescue) will be conducting live-fire grass burning in two open fields in Invermere starting possibly today, depending on conditions.

The two burns will be at the grass fields at the David Thompson Secondary School and between Pine Ridge Drive and Canyon View Road, taking place in the next week.

The burns, being done with support from BC Wildfire Service, could be as soon as this afternoon (March 24) and as late as early April. Tentative dates are March 24, March 29 and March 31.

“To conduct a successful controlled burn, the right parameters have to be in place and these are weather dependent,” Invermere FireSmart noted.

Some smoke is to be expected. Residents adjacent to the area have been notified, so they can ensure to keep their windows closed during the burn.

Please, consider using a different driving itinerary when crews work on site.

“Every season comes with its own specific fire risks – for example, the fire department expects more chimney fires during winter. Spring is the grass fires season; at this time of the year, the grass is much dryer and flammable than green grass. Grass fires can therefore start quickly, spread rapidly and burn hot. Fire response needs to be quick and smooth, and the best way to achieve this is to train for it,” Invermere FireSmart stated on social media.

Find background information on the Fire Weather Index.

Invermere FireSmart map


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