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Posted: July 20, 2016

Jail and Bail fundraiser for Youth Centre

Steph in the gardenBy Stephanie Stevens

You know how every now and then you look at someone and think, “That person really ought to be behind bars?”

Well you have a few days left to make that happen this Saturday at Invermere’s Valley Appreciation Day (VAD) with the Summit Youth Centre’s Jail and Bail fundraiser.

Nominate someone (or yourself!) to spend a few minutes in the clink, and if the challenge is accepted, those charged will need to raise bail money via donation to reduce their time in jail. Individuals and groups can also buy a warrant for $250 to “arrest” someone on the day of the fundraiser.

The volunteer built jail cell and fundraising station will be located at Parkside Place as one of the many attractions at Valley Appreciation Days this Saturday, July 23,

All funds raised will go directly to the Summit Youth Centre to continue providing a safe and fun space for youth ages 12-18 across the Columbia Valley. The Summit provides youth with the opportunity to enjoy fun, free-of-cost activities, learn life skills, and engage in their community. They also provide free daily healthy snacks, a cooking program, and non-perishable food to take home.

To sign up, call program coordinator Tara Woods at 250-342-3033, or email her at [email protected] She will need your full name, your position in the community, who nominated you, and a photo of you that which can use to promote your bail fundraising.

If you would like to donate to one of the participants, you can go HERE.

The Summit can provide a tax receipt for your donation.

NOTE: Mostly you just need to donate bail money for Stephanie Stevens… the others don’t mind… Steph is a peach.

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