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Posted: June 29, 2022

Kinsmen lighting up Invermere sky again

The Kinsmen Club of Windermere Valley is once again set to light up the sky over Invermere and Lake Windermere to celebrate Canada’s birthday June30/July 1.

“When the fireworks hit the sky, just after midnight as June 30 turns into July 1, we celebrate and remember those who have passed us by. This year’s fireworks is in honour of Emil “Bucky” Dalke who passed in March,” said Kinsmen Fireworks co-chair Steve Mantyka.

“Bucky was the heartbeat of the Kinsmen Club of Windermere Valley and he is missed tremendously. We remember Guy Rouleau who was instrumental in so many events in the Columbia Valley. We also recall Roger Plato, our Charter President, who always said, “You owe more to your community, than just living in it!”

“And we also remember Tom Sanders, who funded and started this fireworks in the early 1990s, and his legacy continues today. Thanks fellas, for all your contributions, in making this a better place,” Mantyka said.

If you enjoy the fireworks, please consider a donation towards next year’s celebration – you can e-transfer to [email protected] or contact the Kinsmen through Facebook or mail to Kinsmen Club of Windermere Valley, Box 2039 Invermere, B.C., V0A 1K0

“Enjoy the show, and take a moment to remember those who made a difference in the community, and celebrate the fact they did,” Mantyka said.


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