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Posted: November 18, 2016

Kootenay Game Changers provided regional recognition

Groundswell Network Society was recently honored with a Kootenay Game Changers Award in the category of Outdoors and Environment Game Changer.

Kootenay Game Changer AwardsPictured above with the hardware are Groundswell’s Board members, Dale Wilker, Anthony Gibson, Tara Whittick and Peter Bourke along with Education and Events Coordinator, Alison Candy and Director of Enterprise and Partnerships, Bill Swan.

“On behalf of Groundswell we would like to thank the media collaborative and organizers of the Kootenay Game Changers, our category sponsor, VAST Resources and to those who supported this acknowledgment. This regional recognition of our work is very important to us,” said Board Chair Dale Wilker.

Missing from the above photo are two of Groundswell’s key partners of the past five years, Rob Avis and Michelle St. Cyr-Avis of Verge Permaculture and this years interns Patsy Lussier, Kayja Becker and Ella Swan.

“Of course the photo is also missing all of our past Board Members, Directors key project leaders, interns, thousands of community contributors and volunteers, Groundswell members and funding partners that through their contributions of the past sixteen years have made this award of recognition possible. A big thanks to all of them,” said Swan.

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Groundswell Network Society advances community sustainability and resilience through education and applied innovative projects that lead by example and result in health for people, the environment and economy. Along with the flagship Community Greenhouse and Permaculture Garden at the Groundswell Campus in Invermere where food, water, waste, energy and climate are the core themes, Community and Regional Composting Pilots have been a major focus of the organization in recent years.

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