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Posted: October 13, 2017

Naming donation confirmed; drone use approved

What Happened at Invermere Council This Week?

By Carol Gordon

The regular meeting of the District of Invermere council was held on Tuesday, October 10, at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Office.

In attendance were: Mayor Gerry Taft and Councillors: Greg Anderson, Paul Denchuk, Al Miller and Justin Atterbury.

Staff present were: Chris Prosser, Chief Administrative Officer; Kindry Luyendyk, Corporate Officer and Rory Hromadnik, Director of Development Services.

Gallery: Nine people.


Natalie Forrest and Ray Vowels made a presentation to council requesting a temporary (one-year) permit for a “tiny house” (on wheels) to be placed on their new property in Athalmer so that they can live in it over the winter and begin building their new home in the spring. Mr Vowels indicated that there is a well on the property and that they are waiting for their building permit to be approved.

Mayor Taft asked staff if this falls under “a temporary use permit?”

Chris Prosser, Chief Administrative Officer, indicated that under the Bylaw they need to obtain a valid building permit before they can obtain a temporary use permit.

“There has to be a valid single family home permit on the property in order for a temporary dwelling to be placed on it,” he said.

Councillor Atterbury: “Because they are going to need some time to deal with these various issues, how do we make that happen? Is there a way for us to do that so that they can get temporary use permit in place?”

Mayor Taft: “There are the two issues. One is sorting out the details of getting a building permit but the other one is allowing for temporary use on the property before a building permit is in place and what are the mechanisms. Quite frankly a lot of people would just go ahead and do it, go ahead and put the building on the lot and wait to see if there’s any enforcement action. But in this case they need and want to get the permission ahead of time before putting it on the lot. So in that sense what can we do to help them to be legal in a temporary way instead of forcing people into breaking rules?”

Councillor Denchuk: “There must be something we can do, because it sounds like the building permit is close, so we just need something like a stop gap.”

As per a suggestion offered by CAO Prosser, council passed a resolution that follows the residents housing agreement requiring a $3,000 security deposit posted to the district for a one-year term for the building.


Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 1529, 2017 was adopted for the Royal Canadian legion #71 and Pynelogs Cultural Centre.

“Ten year Exemption (2018-2027) • the entire taxable assessed value of the land and improvements that is being used as a non-profit use by the Royal Canadian Legion #71 EXCEPT for the area used as a bar/lounge, commonly referred to as the Royal Canadian Legion #71…”

“Five year Exemption (2018-2022) • the entire taxable assessed value of the land and improvements, commonly referred to as Pynelogs Cultural Centre…leased to the Columbia Valley Arts Council and used as a community cultural centre.”

Zoning and OCP Bylaw Amendments – Bob Nemeth, 1514-13 Avenue was carried.

Background Information:

“Mr. Nemeth purchased a conforming multi family home on this R-1 zoned parcel prior to 1980 when it was under the Bylaw 292 regulations and in a legal conformance. The change in regulations has resulted in a situation of having a “legal non-conforming residence” under the existing bylaw regulations, which Mr. Nemeth would like to rectify.

“In order to convert the residence and property to a conforming situation the applicant has submitted an application to rezone the parcel from R-1 Single Family Residential to R-2 Multi Family Low Density Residential in order to bring the current multi family residence into OCP and Zoning compliance.”

As per recommendation by staff, council approved proceeding with first and second reading of bylaw amendments and initiation of the public consultation process.


Council authorized the following Special Event: Invermere Adult Soccer On the Lake Soccer Tournament (June 9 & 10, 2018).”

Councillor Miller commented: “It certainly is good to see this coming about, a large number of people that will be attending. It’s great for the community.”


Bylaw Report for September by Mark Topliff, Bylaw Enforcement Officer was received by Council. For further information: report


Rotary Club of Invermere request to use a drone within the District of Invermere to take aerial views of Rotary Projects was approved by council.

As the application indicates: “The authorization by council would give permission for Bonnie-Lou Ferris, SFOC Commercial Aviation Pilot, Transport Canada Approved to fly with Eco friendly State of the art Drones on Private Property and Supply Client with Aerial Images/Footage Client can use for Marketing purposes etc…”

Windermere District Farmers Institute (WDFI)

Council approved their request for a letter of support for the WDFI to apply for an application to fund a program to remove invasive species from private land.

“In order to tackle the weed problem on private lands, the Windermere District Farmers’ Institute will be making an application to the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund for a grant to fund the proposed Neighbourhood Weed Program for five years for $50,000 each year to treat private lands. All lands which are automatically charged the $20 parcel tax to the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund would be eligible.

“The weeds targeted are the four invasive species that we feel have the greatest impact on both wildlife and agriculture.  Leafy Spurge and Knapweed impact grazing for both wild ungulates and domestic livestock.  The burrs of Burdock and Houndstongue attach themselves to the hide and mane of domestic and wild animals and are very difficult to remove.”

Mayor Gerry Taft

Councillor Denchuk said: “It seems like a really good idea, I’m glad someone’s doing it.”

Mayor Taft: “I think we all recognize that it will be great to see a project like this for interface fire work on private land too. Whether it’s invasive weeds or risks from fires, they don’t really care what the boundaries of private land and public land are and to only be able to do things on crown land sometimes just doesn’t really make a lot of sense and whether it’s right or wrong philosophically you know that the private landowner is less likely to do something if there is no funding available. If there is some matched funding or some kind of opportunity to cost share then the chances of doing the right thing is going to be a lot higher.”

Sidewalk request being costed out

Stephanie Van de kemp’s request for a sidewalk along 14th Street from MNAP to the sidewalk leading up to Pineridge was directed to staff to do an estimate on what it would cost.

Excerpts from letter: “I am writing with respect to the stretch of road between Mount Nelson Athletic Park and the Westridge subdivision. I’m a biker, runner, walker – and a mom to three young children. As a resident of Canyon View Road, I see children walking and biking this stretch of road on a daily basis. With a steep hill and a blind corner, this section of road poses some obvious risks to pedestrians, many of whom are children traveling between home and school or to and from Mount Nelson Athletic Park. The curvy nature of the road means that drivers often can’t see pedestrians and therefore travel at what most of us would consider dangerous speeds. I see this as a serious safety issue and would like to put forth a request for a sidewalk connecting Mount Nelson Athletic park to the sidewalk leading up to Pineridge subdivision.”

CastleRock Estates Community Association request to continue the watering program and maintenance of trees within CastleRock for 2018.

Excerpts from letter: “We are asking that CastleRock be included in the District of Invermere‘s routine watering and maintenance budget for 2018 and beyond. We are also asking to increase both the watering schedule and the areas to be watered. While we have a few volunteers who water and fertilize the areas of CastleRock that are not currently on your schedule, we can’t assume that we’ll have them forever and ask the DOI to take this over.”

Councillors were informed by CAO Prosser that “it’s already in the budget for this year and we are already having conversations about what ‘more’ would entail.”


Brett Wilson letter confirming a $100,000 donation

Letter excerpt: “I am hereby recommending The Calgary Foundation as administrators of the Kayak Foundation to forward $100,000 to the naming of the lobby in the Columbia Valley Centre. We look forward to seeing the space used and grown into a focal point of the Columbia Valley community.”

Bob Walker letter expressing his concerns regarding the current funding priorities for the new Columbia Valley Centre.

Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Letter regarding the gas tax agreement community works fund payment, which is in the process of being distributed.

Letter excerpt: “CWF is made available to eligible local governments by the Government of Canada pursuant to the Administrative Agreement on the Federal Gas Tax Fund in British Columbia. Funding under the program may be directed to local priorities that fall within one of the eligible project categories.”

Green Communities Committee

Excerpt from Letter congratulating Invermere’s efforts on reducing GHG emissions in 2016: “On behalf of the joint Provincial-Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Green Communities Committee (GCC), we would like to extend our congratulations for your successful efforts to undertake significant corporate or community-wide climate action to reduce GHG emissions in the 2016 reporting year.

“As a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, you have demonstrated your commitment to work with the Province of British Columbia and UBCM to take action on climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your community and corporate operations. The work that local governments are undertaking to reduce their corporate emissions demonstrates significant climate leadership and sets the stage for broader climate action in the community. Your leadership and commitment continues to be essential to ensuring the achievement of our collective climate action goals.”

BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council

Excerpts from letter: “With local governments influencing over 55% of greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia, locally elected officials need the practical skills and knowledge to lead their community into a green future. To help its peers, the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council is hosting the Climate Leadership Institute from November 1—3 at the Hilton Vancouver Airport.

“The District of Invermere has already demonstrated leadership on climate action by developing a Community Energy and Emissions Plan, reporting on corporate and community climate change initiatives for CARIP to the Province of BC, and joining FCM’s Partners for Climate Protection Program (achieved milestone 3 in corporate and community categories). BCMCLC invites you to join us at the Climate Leadership Institute to further advance climate action in your community.”

The next district of Invermere regular meeting is Tuesday, October 24 at 7 p.m.

District of Invermere council meets regularly throughout the year on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month (second Tuesdays only during July, August and September) at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Office (914 – 8th Avenue, Invermere) unless otherwise indicated.


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