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Posted: June 19, 2021

Lake buoys demarcate speed limit restrictions

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) last weekend installed several new white buoys demarcating speed limit restrictions on specific areas of Columbia Lake.

Speed limits of 10 km/h are in place at the lake’s south end and along its eastern shore.

“The speed restrictions in these areas are federal regulations designed to protect the shoreline and wildlife habitat. While the buoys are new, the speed limits are not and in fact have been in effect for several years,” the Village of Canal Flats noted on social media.

“The Vessel Operating Restriction Regulations which mandates the speed limits is Canadian federal law; however, the RDEK is the responsible local authority for these regulations (which apply over areas within the boundaries of the Village of Canal Flats and those of the RDEK) as delegated by Transport Canada,” the village explained.

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