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Posted: May 18, 2018

Man fined for shooting in ‘no shooting’ area

On May 4, Invermere BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) was alerted to some illegal shooting near a remote property.

Information was called into the RAPP number that a vehicle had stopped near the house on this property and fired a .22 calibre rifle likely at Columbian ground squirrels that were prevalent in this area, COS reported on social media.

The next day a Conservation Officer patrolled to this location and was able to apprehend a suspect after meeting with the complainant and learning that the vehicle that had just driven by had stopped and taken a few shots with what he believed was a .22.

The driver was stopped and checked shortly thereafter by the CO, and it was confirmed that he had a .22 rifle unloaded in the vehicle and a valid hunting licence. After a quick site investigation, evidence was collected to prove that not only did he fire the gun within 100 metres of the dwelling, he had killed a Columbian ground squirrel which are closed to hunting on Crown land.

He was issued a $345 ticket for ‘discharge a firearm in a no shooting area’. It is believed that the individual dealt with is not the same party that was originally reported.

COS would like to remind those that hunt or shoot to be mindful of the general safety rules such as no shooting/hunting within 100 metres of a dwelling house and to know what wildlife are open to hunting by consulting the Hunting Regulations.

Please report any suspicious activity in the backcountry to the Report All Poachers & Polluters hotline @ 1-877-952-7277.


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