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Posted: June 6, 2023

Mitchell Ridge Wildfire under control

Kootenay National Park reports the Mitchell Ridge Wildfire is considered ‘Under Control,’ meaning it has received sufficient suppression action to ensure there is no further spread.

Firefighting resources are no longer needed on the Kootenay National Park portion of the fire. Parks Canada will continue to monitor for any unanticipated fire activity.

“Natural regeneration is already starting within the fire’s perimeter. Plants and wildlife such as Spruce Grouse are taking advantage of the newfound open habitat and sunlight that is reaching the forest floor,” the national park noted on social media.

“For the foreseeable future, we strongly discourage visitor access to the wildfire perimeter as there are new hazards like deep ash pits and falling trees due to weakened root systems,” the park stated, concluding that unless there are changes to report, this would be its last operational post the wildfire.

The fire is located in the southern edge of the park.

Kootenay National Park photo


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