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Posted: April 12, 2015

Osprey are back

By Larry Halverson

Friends of Kootenay

Osprey nesting in this region return from their wintering areas around mid-April when the valley lakes are free of ice. Some early arrival dates include April 3 at Columbia Lake and April 4 at Invermere.

The first few weeks after arrival Osprey are involved in pre-nesting activities like courtship flights, nest building and refurbishing. Egg laying begins as early as the last week in April and as late as mid June, but most clutches are laid between May 15 and 22. Incubation is about 38 days and young begin to hatch in early June. Young remain in the nest between 44 to 59 days with most young fledging in August.

I had to smile while watching this nest as male flew off to go fishing while female stayed “home” to rearrange the furniture.

Above photo: Osprey on nesting platform, Dorothy Lake, Invermere, on April 10. By Larry Halverson

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