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Posted: January 23, 2020

Public hearing upcoming for Fairmont housing proposal

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Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd. has applied to the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) for official community plan (OCP) amendments and re-zoning to allow for multi-family dwelling construction on properties located on Hot Springs Road.

The RDEK board Jan. 10 approved the first two readings of Bylaw No. 2966 & 2967 (Fairmont / FHSR) which if approved will amend the OCP and zoning designations on 5060 and 5062 Hot Springs Road to permit multi-family dwellings and to recognize the current use of a portion of the property as part of the existing golf course.

The current OCP designation is R-SF (Residential Low Density), which includes single family residential subdivisions, duplexes and zoning that supports secondary suites.

“Development of the subject site as proposed will add residential density and help provide a range of housing options within the community as well as contribute to the build out of the Resort,” a RDEK planning report noted.

As for what is proposed, the application includes a conceptual development sketch for the site which shows 31 dwelling units in multi-family style buildings such as fourplexes.

The RDEK planning document outlines the potential. “If the proposed zone designations are approved, they could permit: a) up to 60 dwelling units per gross hectare of useable site area within the proposed RES-3 zone (which calculates to approximately 110 +/- new dwelling units) and/or, b) A variety of dwelling types both residential and commercial on the 0.36 ha portion of RES-4, up to a maximum floor area ratio of 3.5. (Floor area ratio is the figure obtained when the gross floor area of all buildings on a parcel is divided by the area of the parcel).”

There are currently two dwellings and a barn on the property. A portion of the existing golf course extends onto the property as well. The application states that the dwellings will be removed prior to development and the RES-2 zone will accommodate the existing golf course portion.

All future multi-family development within the proposed RES-3 zone must be serviced by the Fairmont community water and sewer systems.

A public hearing for Bylaws No. 2966 & 2967 is scheduled for Jan. 28 at 4 p.m. at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort’s Pine Room.

Lead image: A view of a portion of the property as seen from Fairway Drive. e-KNOW file photo


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