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Posted: September 27, 2019

Brian Keating to be Headbanger Festival keynote speaker

Calling all wildlife enthusiasts and families to the 2019 Headbanger Festival in Radium Hot Springs.

The 2019 Headbanger Festival, running Nov. 1 to 3 in and around the Village of Radium Hot Springs, is set to be a fun-filled weekend with workshops, exciting presentations, and an opportunity to learn from local experts.

If you enjoy learning about the cool parts of nature, you will love this weekend’s lineup of experiences.

Serving as keynote speaker for this year’s festival is renowned conservationist, world traveler and educator Brian Keating – no stranger to the Columbia Valley thanks to Wings Over the Rockies appearances over the years.

Keating uses the mountains as a metaphor to creatively illustrate some of life’s exciting options and possibilities. It’s a story that passionately illustrates the pure joy of life in high places, illustrating with a buoyant pace, and highlights the importance of taking time out for number one… you.

Keating (pictured right) is currently head naturalist of Going Wild with Brian Keating, an Honorary Conservation Advisor for the Calgary Zoological Society, and an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Calgary.

As a well-seasoned guide, he has led groups on nature-based travel for over three decades, exploring some of the best wildlife areas on the planet.  He is also a weekly guest on Calgary’s CBC Radio and frequently appears on multiple media platforms.

In high demand as an international speaker while presenting at 40 events a year, he is excited to assist in making the 2019 Headbanger Festival one to remember.

Of course, the Headbanger Festival is all about the village’s resident Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep band and the annual November rut (breeding season).

Commonly seen walking through the village, bighorn rams fight for the right to breed with jaw-dropping force, as they smash heads in a bid for dominance.

The Headbanger Festival will also feature family-friendly interpretive walks with local experts, intro workshops to wildlife photography and nature-inspired works of art, as well as a culinary experience: vegetarian cooking workshop; and the 2019 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival travelling films tour.

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Lead image: Bighorn rams contemplate fighting.  e-KNOW file photos

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