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Posted: October 18, 2021

Fundraising underway for Woodcarver Park

The Village of Radium Hot Springs and volunteers are busy trying to raise funds for the creation of Woodcarver Park and a donation program is now available for folks to visit.

The design of the proposed park was inspired through meetings with the late Rolf Heer’s friends, the Radium Chamber of Commerce and Village of Radium Hot Springs staff and council members.

“The outcome completely captured every thought, idea, possibilities and concerns of everyone in attendance.  It truly is a reflection of Rolf and what he would want.  The park will carry on his legacy with structures to remind us of him and his home, as well as interpretive information to tell the story of the Radium Woodcarver,” the Woodcarver Park website outlined.

“Rolf Heer made a legacy with his Home of a Thousand Faces, which was a captivating creation of Rolf’s woodcarving talent and playful humour, located in the Village of Radium. His unique abode once made the television series ‘Weird Homes’ which drew plenty of attention to the small, quaint village. Rolf welcomed many visitors from around the world into his home. They would experience a fun-filled tour and many purchased his iconic bearded-man carvings, as a momentum of the interesting visit they had with the funny woodcarver who dressed like a wizard. In fact, there’s likely thousands of households that display a piece of his artwork and carry memories or stories that bring on many smiles,” the website related.

All charitable donations to the park project are collected on behalf of the Columbia Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) for the Woodcarver Park Fund, and as such, official tax receipts are issued by the CVCF. The receipts for sponsorship packages are automatically emailed by the Radium Village Arts & Culture Society.

There are four ways to donate:

Corporate Wizard Sponsor – $50,000;

Individual Wizard Sponsor – $15,000;

Log River Sponsor – $5,000;

Woodcarver Friend Sponsor – $1,000;

Direct Donation.

Lead image: The late, great Rolf Heer. e-KNOW file photo


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