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Posted: November 1, 2016

Headbanger Festival this weekend

headbanger-16-posterEver wondered what it is like to see Bighorn Sheep in full rutting action? Join in at the Village of Radium Hot Springs this upcoming weekend for the Headbanger Festival!

The Bighorn Sheep have been a focal attraction in the Village of Radium Hot Springs for decades and their daily presence and beauty is something we in Radium are proud to celebrate. At the Headbanger Festival we do just that!

This event will not only give you the opportunity to witness the Bighorn Sheep in their annual rut, you will also get a chance to learn all about them from our lineup of talented presenters.

The Headbanger Festival be full of hands on, interactive workshops; that will provide you with all you need to know about the Bighorn Sheep, Urban Wildlife Issues and the Parks Canada Restoration Areas. Prepare to get your hands dirty and have a little fun at this year’s family interactive, creative wildlife art workshop on Sunday hosted by Andrea Smillie and Black Star Studios!

Charlie Russell is a captivating and enlightening speaker.
Charlie Russell is a captivating and enlightening speaker.

New this year to the Headbanger Festival is a fabulous photography workshop with Jim Lawrence and Barb Butchart, and keynote speaker Charlie Russell on Saturday Evening.

Wildlife photographer Jim Lawrence is an ethical photographer and strives to present images that will inspire respect for life in endangered ecosystems. Jim will sharing some of expertise on how to photograph wildlife.

Founding director of the Pacific Rim Grizzly Bear Co-Existence Study Charlie Russell, will share his experiences and stories with us.

See the full schedule of events HERE.

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