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Posted: June 15, 2013

Lots happening in the village

Mayor Dee Conklin
Mayor Dee Conklin

Mayor’s report

Happy summer everyone!

A lot has been
going on since our last newsletter. If you
have been walking about you will see that both Radium playgrounds are under construction and soon
to be operational. The kids are waiting with bated anticipation.

New trees are being planted on the boulevard, the number of solar lights has tripled and
eight of our volunteer firefighters have taken their First Responders course. Congratulations and a big thank you to each and every one of them for all the extra time and effort they put in to being ready to keep us all safe!

Other changes coming up soon are:

– Our Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People sign will be relocated shortly and will be remounted with a new structure in keeping with our entry signage theme.

– We will be installing modern ‘welcome’ signage that includes moveable copy to advertise our special events and festivals.

– We have constructed phase two of the Radium ‘Pump ‘n’ Jump’ biking facility.

– We are exploring the potential, through training and funding partnerships, to construct a roof over the outdoor rink. On the May long weekend I was welcoming 400 Bow Valley cyclists at their 30th anniversary dinner in the rink and the skies opened up – a roof would save many events from being ruined by weather and give us a much needed larger hosting venue while keeping the integrity of an outdoor rink.

– We will be developing a community energy plan and then undertake an energy assessment and potential upgrade to the Community Hall.

– We will continue monitoring flows in the Forster Creek watershed to build a baseline of seasonal and yearly flow data. 
The staff and council met mid May and went through a strategic planning session, with Gordon McIntosh walking us through the process. It built camaraderie and put us all on the same page for moving forward over the next five years. 
All of the council hopes to see everyone out and about this summer – don’t forget to visit the library, listen to Music on Main Street, hike the Sinclair Creek and Old Coach Trail and mostly say hi to the business owners – we’re all happy the winter’s over!

Mayor Dee Conklin,

Village of Radium Hot Springs

To see the entire Village of Radium Hot Springs newsletter go to: http://www.radiumhotsprings.ca/sites/default/files/VillageLifeJune2013.pdf

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