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Posted: August 16, 2019

Radium boil water notice lifted

The Village of Radium Hot Springs has just announced that the boil water notice has been lifted, effective immediately.

“Turbidity levels originating from Forester Creek continue to diminish and the water treatment plant has been operating at 100% capacity. Turbidity levels of the drinking water leaving the treatment plant have been well within normal parameters since this past Wednesday,” the village stated this afternoon (August 16).

As of this afternoon, village Public Works staff will have completed the flushing of the water mains, so as to eliminate residual sediment.

“We encourage residents and businesses to flush your own internal water lines, as best as you can, to assist in the elimination of these sediments.  We realize that the flushing has resulted in low water pressures at certain times, and in certain locations; however, this flushing was required in order to clean out our water mains,” the village advises.

At all times during this event, residual chlorination levels in the distribution system have been maintained well above the minimum required.  As such, there has been no risk of pathogens in the village drinking water supply.

“We thank everyone for their patience while we have dealt with this weather event and its impacts to our drinking water treatment system.”


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