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Posted: October 18, 2017

Radium ready for another Headbanger

Have you ever wondered what it is like to see a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in full rutting action? If so, you are invited to join in the 2017 Headbanger Festival November 3-5 in Radium Hot Springs.

The Headbanger Festival is set to be a hands-on event, full of interactive and educational workshops, unique presentations, and a whole lot of fun!

The Bighorn Sheep have been a focal attraction in the Village of Radium Hot Springs for decades and their daily presence and beauty is something residents are proud to celebrate. At the Headbanger Festival they do just that!

This event will not only give you the opportunity to witness the Bighorn Sheep in their annual rut, you will also get a chance to learn all about them from a line-up of talented presenters.

2017 Headbanger Festival Presenters

Kevin Van Tighem

Headbanger Festival Keynote Speaker Kevin Van Tighem

Kevin Van Tighem was born and raised in Calgary. After graduating with a degree in plant ecology from the University of Calgary in 1977 he worked as a biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service in various national parks, including Kootenay, Mt. Revelstoke and Glacier. In 1985 Kevin joined Parks Canada. He went on to be superintendent of Prince Albert, Elk Island and then Banff before retiring in 2011.

Kevin is the author of fourteen books on wildlife and conservation and writes a regular column (‘This Land’) in Alberta Views magazine. His most recent book is Our Place/Changing the Nature of Alberta.

Photography Workshop with Dax Justin 

The focus of the Headbanger Festival Photography workshop to is see your photo talents shine – all welcome, but must have a photography interest.  You might show up with a $2,000 camera or just your iPhone, both will see benefit from this exciting day.

Dax Justin is a Canadian Explorer, Adventure/Landscape photographer, visual content creator, and destination storyteller based in Alberta, Canada. Working with travel brands, adventure companies, agencies and destinations to help tell their stories by capturing and delivering high-quality visual content rooted in social narrative that is both creative and immersive.

Dax’s photographic work focuses on outdoor adventure, landscapes, mountain lifestyle, people and sports. The photography captured on expeditions bring the adventure to a worldwide online audience in real time, expanding brand reach through social media and travel networks.

Images by Carrie Schafer and Ian Cobb, from the 2016 Headbanger Festival in Radium Hot Springs.

Legends of the Forest with Darcee O’Hearn

Darcee O’Hearn lives in the small riverside city Trail with her husband, three children, handful of bunnies, and thousands of bees. She’s spent six years working in forestry, and over 17 years teaching everything she knows about our natural world.

Author of a new genre of children’s books called, “Legends of the Forest” Inside these wonderfully illustrated books you will find a heartwarming story, science and craft projects, games, and curriculum based information to inspire kids aged 4-12. Having said that, these books are targeted for any age group because of the messages of sustainable and green living, which applies to everyone.

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