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Posted: February 24, 2020

Roundabout landscape design proposed to council

There is a lot to be said about initiative.

Tony Evers

The Village of Radium Hot Springs heard a presentation from local resident Tony Evers Feb 12 regarding the landscaping design for the roundabout being constructed in the village later this year.

Evers told council members that he was present at the Jan. 22 meeting when they had discussed the design options presented to them by Urban Design, none of which hit the mark for the council or committee. To that end, he took it upon himself to come up with a new design.

Evers explained he knew the council wanted something beautiful, with “wow” factor, but that also incorporated safety and sight lines. His plan included the construction of a full concrete circle with low landscaping rocks and grasses, as well as Village of Radium Hot Springs set in the outer ring with contrasting stone. The centre-piece of the circle would be a 30 to 35-foot totem pole specifically designed for Radium by local artisan Jack Olson.

The pole would include images to represent aspects of the valley as well as the First Nations people here.

The plan and estimated budget included all construction and materials, with Evers taking the lead on the project using local contractors every step of the way.

“As I know no one is meant to walk on the roundabout, we can expand the concept over to the Rotary Park and include carved reliefs (with explanations) of the images on the pole for people to see and read,” Evers said, adding that stopping at the park would increase both foot traffic in the village and potentially overnight stays.

Evers explained he kept the landscaping low in order to keep sight lines open as well as lessen any impact should a vehicle accidentally enter the circle.

Mayor Clara Reinhardt said she applauded Evers’ “get up and go” in creating and bringing in a design and it would definitely be considered along with the other submissions.

“I think the idea of the reliefs in Rotary Park is a great idea,” she added.

Coun. Dale Shudra asked Evers if totem poles were something used by the local First Nations people (Ktunaxa Nation and Shuswap Band).

Evers said while they are not specific to the local First Nations people, he and Olson would ensure they were included in the design, either on the pole itself or if preferred on a relief carved specifically for them.

“We would want to be very respectful,” he said, adding that he is open to discussing any portion of the design council had questions about. “I want to work with you and I am very willing to sit down with the committee and look closer at this.”

Lead image: The overall concept drawing provided by Tony Evers. Images submitted


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