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Posted: January 24, 2022

Slow Your Roll campaign launched to protect sheep

A local conservation group has formed to protect Radium Hot Springs’ famous Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep herd – which has been suffering catastrophically from a lack of respect from speeding drivers.

The group ‘Help the Radium Bighorn herd’ today launched its “Slow Your Roll Save the Sheep” driver awareness campaign, which will be receiving some important coverage from CTV Calgary.

“A million thanks to the Kootenay Clothing Company for coming up with the campaign logo that we’re hoping everyone in the Columbia Valley will get behind. We are working towards handing out free bumper stickers and posters. Right away you can purchase stickers, T-shirts and hoodies on the Save the Sheep merchandise page,” stated Help the Radium Bighorn Herd on social media.

The group formed because Radium’s iconic Bighorn Sheep herd is in danger.

Once at about 250, the herd’s numbers dropped to 120 in fall 2021. Between late November and mid-January, 10 more sheep have been killed by vehicle impacts in and around Radium – the majority on the Radium hill south of the village. A number of other sheep were hit by vehicles but able to scramble away, leaving them injured or worse. One driver ended up in hospital, the group explained.

If you wish to take part in the fundraising campaign, please click here.

All sales proceeds will go towards the fundraising for a wildlife overpass for Radium’s Mile Hill.

For anyone who wants to make a direct donation to the overpass, the Village of Radium Hot Springs is getting set up to offer tax receipts and an announcement will be made when that option is ready, the Help the Radium Bighorn Herd said.

In the meantime, let’s slow down for the sheep!

Learn more about Help the Radium Bighorn Herd.

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