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Posted: January 24, 2017

School bus driver reports fail to stop

Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment is investigating an incident where a driver failed to slow down or stop for a school bus.

The detachment received a ‘Report to RCMP’ form on the afternoon of Jan. 18 from Rocky Mountain School District No. 6, outlining an incident in which a south bound vehicle failed to stop or even slow down for a north bound school bus, which was stopped and had its lights engaged on Highway 93/95 at Capilo Way to let students off.

“The bus driver advised that she was too concerned for the safety of the children disembarking the bus to obtain a licence plate number or obtain a detailed vehicle description,” reported Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment Commander Sgt. Bob Vatamaniuck.

“The driver was able to say that the offending vehicle was a white SUV driven by a female. The driver added in her report that this occurs frequently, especially in the afternoon regardless of the fact that all her lights and STOP sign are activated,” he added.

The RCMP and school district are pleading with the driving public to stop when the red lights are flashing on a school bus.

“Not only is passing the bus dangerous to our little ones, you could be facing a $368 fine and three demerit points,” Vatamaniuck said.


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