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Posted: April 27, 2021

Sign war raging in Columbia Valley

Windermere-based business Hopkins Harvest Saturday, April 24 lobbed a marquee sign tomato at Invermere-based business Ullr Bar, shouting, “Hey Ullr, since COVID it’s easier to pick up fruit than someone at your bar!”

The cheeky jab was received and countered (pictured right) and little did the early combatants realize, but they ignited a valley-wide sign war as businesses jabbed one another with all forms of literary jests, pokes and puns.

As the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce noted on its Facebook page, “Well… That escalated quickly.

“In another incredible display of community spirit and humour during uncertain times, many local businesses and organizations are taking part in a battle of wits. Let’s see what your sign has to say,” the chamber stated in a post sharing about 60 pictures of valley business signs making sundry sardonic swipes.

About 40 businesses have already chimed in with images of signs and others are encouraged to take part.

Columbia Valley businesses are welcome to add your own HERE.

See the collection of images.

Images from Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

Ian Cobb/e-KNOW

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