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Posted: April 6, 2021

Steamboat Festival marking 10 years with CD

By Anne Jardine

The first-ever Steamboat Mountain Music Festival at the Edgewater Elementary School grounds in 2012. e-KNOW file photo

A 10th-year anniversary is a big deal! Any event that can deliver joy and music to the valley every summer, year after year, rain or shine, deserves to be celebrated.

Since large live gatherings will still be risky for the next few months, the 10th Annual Steamboat Mountain Music Festival, which was slated to occur on July 3-4-5, is still going to happen, but in a safe and different way.

Last year, the festival went online on the Steamboat website by way of 12 videos featuring our 2020 local and regional performers.

Those videos are still available HERE.

This year, the BC Arts Council has awarded the Steamboat Society a special cultural resiliency grant which will be used to deliver the festival in yet another different way. The plan is to create a double volume CD of all local, all original music.

For right now, the CD is the main focus. Local musicians are invited to join the roster with their original compositions.

Musicians will be paid for their performances and some rehearsal time.

Artists who helped build the Steamboat Festival over the years by performing on our main stage and our tweener stage will be given priority in selection to be included in the album, but certainly all local musicians are welcome to get in touch too.

The songs will be recorded by professional technicians and produced in a final package that will be made available for sale.

Steamboat Mountain Music Society will take pre-orders for the CD, which will be ready later in the summer, hopefully at a time that will coincide with a live Steamboat concert event.

Interested performers are asked to contact Program Director John MacRobbie: [email protected]

When large live outdoor gatherings are permitted once again, Steamboat will hold a live event in Edgewater to celebrate Columbia Valley music.

Details will not be announced until closer to that unknown time. The organizing committee will have to work with uncertainties and come up with fun-filled concert plans. When the time comes, Steamboat will chug on and help live local music to rise again.

Lead image: Parson Jazz Co-operative on the MainStage in 2019. Photo submitted


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