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Posted: September 6, 2019

Still going Patio Pitch Off reaches goal

Since April 19, Copper Point Golf Club has run the Patio Pitch Off event every Friday night.

The competition involves participants paying $5 for two attempts to get closest to the pin in Men’s, Women’s or the Junior division, with half the money collected going to a local “giving back to the community” initiative.

This happens on our Par 1 (45-75 yards) from 7-9 p.m. beside The View Restaurant deck at Copper Point Golf Club.

Special Recognition for running the weekly events this year goes to Copper Point staff members Kevin Bennett, Dale Moore, Scott McClain and Brian Schaal. They are dedicated Copper Point professionals who are committed to growing the game, engaging with people and giving back to the community!

Last year, we raised $1,500 for our community in the form of an award for a 2019 graduating student from David Thompson Secondary School (DTSS).

Congratulations Tyler Powell who received the award at his 2019 graduation ceremony!

Thank you to all who have supported this initiative and we look forward to growing this program for many years to come! This year we are thrilled that we have reached $2,500 for a 2020 DTSS student.


Aug 31- Distance: 58 yards


David Bocking – 5 ft 6 inches;

Rob McAuley – 13 ft 7 inches

Ian Laing – 14 ft 4 inches


Kathi McAuley – 11 ft

Lori Lees-Stout – 11 ft 9 inches

Nicolette Labouncane – 13 ft 3 inches


Daniel Thomas – 9 ft

Luke McSteven – 35 ft

Jake Gnutel – 35 ft

They each won prizes and a beverage (or non-alcoholic) and gift cards from our weekly sponsor.

The HIO pot is now up to $417 and will go to the next person to hole their shot!

Most importantly, the student award amount is up to $2,500 for the season!

The Weekly Patio Pitchoff will continue Friday evenings as weather and daylight allow.

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Copper Point Golf Club

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