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Posted: January 30, 2021

Whiteway hit by vandals and thieves last night

The Lake Windermere Whiteway was last night hit by vandals and thieves.

The Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club reported on social media today: “Sadly, last night the Whiteway was vandalized. And sadly, this isn’t new. Vehicles often wreck the hard work that goes into grooming this incredible resource by driving on the tracks, making it hard for non-motorized users to enjoy this space. The grooming comes at a financial cost to the club.”

Unfortunately, last night’s antics “went a little further though. Someone stole two of our benches and destroyed one of the signs. These are all items the club has paid for so that people can have a better experience on the Whiteway.”

The club is asking “if you know the whereabouts of these benches, we would love to have them back, no questions asked.

“We understand that vehicles are welcome to use the lake as well but please avoid driving over the Whiteway itself. It is not a roadway; it is intended for non-motorized use. There is a whole lake to be used, more than enough space for everyone to enjoy responsibly.

“Last night while out skiing, I saw many cars using the skate lane to travel. Luckily, I had a headlamp so they could see me but many of these cars are gaining high speeds and it is a safety concern,” the club spokesperson said.

“Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and spread the message in a kind and respectful manner.”

Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club photo


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