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Posted: April 4, 2020

You can’t eat your cake and have it too

Letter to the Editor

I am, I guess, a Calgarian though I was born in PEI and have lived in many parts of Canada.  I also live in the valley where we are as a family now.  I am troubled by recent social media and news reports of officials begging Albertans to “stay home” during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The reasons given are the hospital system and local supplies cannot sustain the extra load and they might spread the contagion.

The second point is mostly moot if everyone keeps apart as we are doing our very best to.

The issue with the hospital is outright flawed.  The reality is many critical care issues would actually be sent to Calgary.  If I became ill I would want to be cared for in Calgary where the care would be more specialized and appropriate.  Invermere would send patients to Calgary even if no Calgarians were in the valley.  Should Albertans begrudge this?  Of course not.

I have friends here who have had a number of altercations with “locals” over this very issue.  Leaders “begging” those with second homes to stay away is only going to make these confrontations more likely.

Bottom line is much of what exists here wouldn’t if not for Albertans living, paying taxes and spending here.  I’m not expressing entitlement, I’m not asking for a medal,  just pointing out people cannot eat their cake and have it too, it is simply math.

This is an awful situation for everyone, let’s not make it worse by pitting neighbour against neighbour.

John Owen,


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