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Posted: November 26, 2020

A bird named Susan

What do a lawyer, a custodian and an off duty RCMP officer have in common? This group came together last night to rescue a bird the police named Susan.

Early last evening, police were alerted by an off duty police officer that there was a bird in distress. Officers attended the area and located “Susan,” being taken care of by nearby residents.

The bird, determined to be an American Coot, was laying helplessly on the ground. Due to the temperatures dropping, RCMP decided to take Susan under their wing until they could find suitable accommodations.

“With the assistance of our bird expert custodian, the officers were able to locate a bird rescue centre in Golden and were able to find transportation to get little Susan the help she needed to once again take flight,” reported Cst Katie Forgeron of Cranbrook RCMP.


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