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Posted: February 16, 2020

A salute to Pat Ronalds

Cranbrook Bugle Band in need of new director

The Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band started in 1941. It has gone through a few different names during its 78 years, including ‘High-School Girls Bugle Band,’ ‘Tri-School Girls Bugle Band,’ and the ‘Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band.’ It has also gone through a few directors in its time, to name a few: Pop Price, Joyce Metcalfe, and Pat Ronalds.

The Bugle Band has been a legacy in Cranbrook for many years! They are known for doing local shows and parades, Calgary Stampede, and the Penticton Peach festival, just to name a few.  The band has even done shows as far as Montreal and Alaska. Over 3,500 members have marched with the band over the years.

Pat Ronalds took over as Band Director from Mrs. Metcalfe in 1996. She has run the band, planned the trips, made the uniforms, created the fun, etc. In August of 2019 Miss Pat retired as band director. Although giving her notice three times before that she was retiring (once 2008, 2012, and again in 2016), she continuously stayed in it “for the girls” and the legacy of the band.

The Bugle Band performed in their final performances in August 2019 and Miss Pat disbanded the band and claimed her retirement. The band itself is in “hiatus” until June 2020. During this time a new director can step forward to take over the band and make it theirs!

At this time the Board of Directors, and Bugle Band Alumni would like to wish Miss. Pat the best in all her future endeavours.

Lead image: Pat Ronalds, background, directs the Bugle Band at last year’s Sam Steele Days Parade in Cranbrook. e-KNOW file photo

Board of Directors for the Cranbrook Bugle Band

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