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Posted: March 3, 2019

Age Friendly Committee grateful for funding

The Cranbrook Age Friendly Advisory Committee was presented with a cheque for $14,880 by the City of Cranbrook at the February 25 council meeting.

The cheque is a funding grant supplied by the Province of BC and the Union of BC Municipalities, that is administrated by the City of Cranbrook on behalf of the Cranbrook Age Friendly Advisory Committee.

The committee received a funding grant last year that allowed them to conduct a survey and hold public consultations to formulate an action plan in order to identify improvements and changes needed to allow Cranbrook to be provincially designated an Age Friendly Community.

The goal of the city and the committee is to make Cranbrook not only better able to face the challenges of a steadily increasing aging population, but also a great city to live in, for all ages.

From the action plan the committee determined that one of the biggest areas that needed attention was communication and information. Numerous survey respondents indicated that they did not know what services, resources and activities were available and how to access them.

With that in mind the committee decided to obtain this round of funding to gather service providers, information providers and the city together to share what each are doing, their best practices and improvements needed to better the communication to residents.

The Cranbrook Age Friendly Advisory Committee is made up of volunteers from the various service groups, citizens, organizations within the City of Cranbrook, including a member of city council and its administration staff who believe in making Cranbrook a great place to live, for all ages now and the coming future.

The committee would like to thank the residents of Cranbrook and our various sponsors for their continuing support.

Lead image: Pictured back left to right – Councillors Ron Popoff, Norma Blissett, Wes Graham, Wayne Price and Mike Peabody. Front left to right: Charlene Sperling, Age Friendly Coordinator; Sandy Zeznik, Committee member and Chair of Seniors in Partnership Committee; Mayor Lee Pratt and Doug Newberry Vice Chair of the Age Friendly Advisory Committee. Photo submitted

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