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Posted: September 12, 2017

Ambitious roads program nears end of season

An ambitious and extensive road repair and upgrade season will start slowing to conclusion in the City of Cranbrook next week.

City chief administrative officer (CAO) David Kim Sept. 11 reported to council that by about September 18, “all surface re-pavement projects will have been substantially completed.”

These roads include: sections of Industrial Road 3; 21st Ave S; 17th Ave S; Brookview Crescent & 7th Street South; College Way; 7th St S; Summit Place; 24th Ave,; Mount Connell Crescent; 18th & 19th Ave; 16th Ave S Cul-de-sac; Edgewood Drive; 27A Ave S; 29th Ave S.

Anderson Crescent work earlier this summer. City of Cranbrook image

“For surface pavement and underground utility projects, Anderson Crescent has been completed and is open to the public. Sidewalk installation and driveway/laneway restoration is in progress. Second Street South is making progress and is scheduled to be completed and open by the end of September; 13th Avenue and 5th Street South are scheduled for completion by the week of September 18 and October 2 respectively,” Kim reported to council.

Some projects have been deferred to 2018 due to various reasons, he added.

They include 9th Street South, “as the local contractor’s resources are fully committed to other projects. The design is complete,” Kim explained.

Two other projects will be completed next year, including 17th Avenue and 16th Avenue.

The 17th Avenue project “needs to be investigated and repaired due to unforeseen settlement of existing sanitary trunk” and 16th Avenue is delayed due to an emerging water infrastructure upgrade being investigated, Kim said.

The conclusion of his report caught several councillors’ ears.

Cobham Avenue remains one of Cranbrook’s worst roads. e-KNOW file photo

“Finally, Cobham Avenue Reconstruction design, project planning and stakeholder engagement are currently underway. The construction is scheduled to occur in 2018,” Kim announced.

“I am excited to see Cobham on that list,” remarked Coun. Wes Graham.

The summer roadwork projects have also come in “under budget,” Kim reported, noting it to be “a great accomplishment” and praising city staff for their work.

Mayor Lee Pratt said council deserves to “pat ourselves on the back here” due to the volume of work done in the city and the fact that local contractors were utilized.

The city has spent “just shy” of $29 million in the past couple of years on infrastructure projects, including the Idlewild Dam/Park and “it was all local contractors. That is a big win-win for Cranbrook,” Pratt said.

In the past, most big projects were handled by out-of-town and out-of-region companies but a change in the bid process, with smaller projects to bid on, allowed local companies to become involved, he explained.

Lead image: 2nd Avenue South has been one of the city’s most ambitious street repair jobs – from water works to the road it has been torn out and re-built. City of Cranbrook photo

– Ian Cobb/e-KNOW

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