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Posted: October 28, 2019

An aggressive response to a minor incident

Letter to the Editor

On October 24, two youths were taken into custody from Laurie Middle School due to possession of an Airsoft gun and a cap gun.

It is easy to understand how the lockdown took place, as schools have ample reason to be nervous given the various tragedies that have taken place in schools in the recent past. But I cannot understand why students would need to be removed from the school, when the “weapons” are discovered to be toys. I would like to know – were they handcuffed? (eye-witnesses feel free to comment). I would like to know what impact this show of force has had on the relationship between students and the RCMP?

I don’t have an ax to grind: my personal experience with the RCMP has been that they are a steady, safe, and intelligent organization that does much on a daily basis to keep Cranbrook, and the rest of Canada, a safe place to live. I am absolutely a fan of the rule of law, having visited some countries that are not so blessed as ours in this department. I have never felt fear from their presence. In fact, I would like to see them more frequently on the streets than I do now and would gladly pay higher taxes to support them.

This may be an isolated incident. But it is a good opportunity to test the apparatus for the police to show their retrospective side – I feel this was an aggressive response to a minor incident – the issue could be easily rectified with a simple public meeting or press release where they admit (if possible) that they went a little far in taking the youth into custody.

Or a review/amendment of procedures on how to treat youth after an incident when, in fact, they have done no real harm. If they were simply following the rules, a look at changing those rules would be a good idea.

Stephen Wik,

Parent of Laurie Middle School student,


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