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Posted: August 30, 2019

An Evening in Monte Carlo to benefit EKRH

Mark Sept. 28 on your calendars!

An Evening in Monte Carlo is being held at Bridge Interiors and will sell out fast.

Together we can stop disease in its tracks! Our goal is to raise $1.2 million dollars to purchase a SPECT CT for the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

This state-of-the- art Nuclear Medicine SPECT CT will change the face of health care for the entire East Kootenay.

The SPECT CT includes a SPECT gamma camera integrated with a CT scanner, meaning for the first time at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital, these two different types of images can be taken together during one visit.

For clinicians, these more detailed images mean they can diagnose conditions quicker and recommend a treatment plan with greater certainty and accuracy.

The SPECT CT scanner has the ability to pinpoint cancer (breast, lung, bone, prostate), heart conditions, looks at the brain, kidney function, spine, bones and joints and event spot dementia, all while using lower radiation. It has the ability to pinpoint exactly where the disease is.

East Kootenay residents will no longer have to travel for this test and they will no longer have to wait for extended periods of time for a diagnosis. It will save lives!

Call the East Kootenay Foundation for Health office 250-489-6481 or email [email protected] to get your tickets today!


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