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Posted: January 21, 2023

ANKORS thanks community for response

Letter to the Editor

ANKORS Cranbrook would like to let the citizens of Cranbrook to know that during the latest cold weather response, there was a CBC news interview and social media responses that stated that there had been deaths due to extreme weather exposure in Cranbrook.  Our apologies as this information was not well fact checked. We can confirm that there were no deaths in Cranbrook due to exposure.

We want to reach out to say a sincere thank you to those community members and stakeholders who responded during the extreme weather event leading up to Christmas to assist vulnerable populations.

We are very grateful to the citizens of Cranbrook for the donations that have come in; it has made a real difference! We also want to thank the local churches, Cranbrook Public Library and the City of Cranbrook for opening warming spaces.

A big thank you as well to Cranbrook Family Connections, who operate the Emergency Shelter at the Travelodge for opening additional emergency beds during this time.  It made a real difference for those who were struggling with this extreme cold.

ANKORS Cranbrook is coordinating efforts with Cranbrook Alliance Church, First Baptist Church Cranbrook, Cranbrook Connect Church and Christ Church Anglican in the upcoming days to address next steps in creating an extreme weather response.

Should you be interested in supporting this initiative further or want to get involved, please email ANKORS Team Lead, Polly Sutherland [email protected].

ANKORS Cranbrook

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