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Posted: February 17, 2020

Be transformed by Epilogos Feb. 25

Be transformed by Shay Kuebler – Radical System Art’s production of Epilogos on Tuesday, February 25 at Key City Theatre.

This innovative and daring performance is a mesmerizing blend of theatre, dance, and martial arts interacting with video and live sound. Using bio-mechanical sensors, the simplest gesture can affect the entire environment – as the company pushes the boundaries of physical performance. Don’t miss this brilliant dance theatre experience!

Epilogos is built around the art of rhetoric and the commodification of morality. The appropriation of moral codes and value systems has been used to exert control by dictators, politicians and royalty.

In Epilogos, the performance on stage becomes a device of persuasion, persuading the audience to see the power of each value in the moral code and the strength of the characters within these values.

For Epilogos, each performance is based from the moral code of Bushido, the way of the samurai: duty, integrity, compassion, courage, honour, truth and morality.

Tickets are available at the Key City Theatre Box Office and online.

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