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Posted: April 7, 2021

Busy weekend reported by Cranbrook SAR

Cranbrook Search and Rescue (SAR) members had an eventful Easter weekend.

At 6:15 p.m. on Friday, April 2, Cranbrook Search and Rescue was called to assist BC Emergency Health Services with a person who had been bucked from a horse in the Bull River area.

Members arrived at the hall and responded in Rescue 2 & 3. While heading to the scene Cranbrook SAR was also called to Lake Koocanusa for a side-by-side roll over.

Rescue 3 diverted to Lake Koocanusa and Rescue 1 joined the response, while Rescue 2 continued to the first call.

Rescue 2 arrived on scene up the Bull River FSR. The patient was about one kilometre from the main road, experiencing hip and back pain. The team packaged the patient and then utilized the teams Side-by-side to transport to a waiting ambulance on the main road.

Rescue 3 arrived first at the accident at Lake Koocanusa. The driver of the side-by-side was doing a sharp turn when it rolled over; only the driver was in the SxS when it rolled.

A team medic did a primary survey of the patient and found a severe chest injury. It was quickly determined that due to location and injuries a helicopter was necessary. A helicopter was launched from Bighorn Helicopters.

BCEHS arrived followed by Rescue 1 and members agreed with the plan of using a helicopter. BCEHS and Cranbrook SAR medics got the patient treated and packaged. Bighorn Helicopters arrived with another SAR medic and flew the patient to Bighorn Helicopters hanger where another BCEHS crew was waiting.

At 1:15 p.m. on Monday, April 5, Cranbrook SAR was requested by BCAS to help evacuate a woman with an ankle injury, up Isadore Canyon (along B-line Trail)

Seven members responded and located the patient who was with two BC Ambulance Service members.

The team executed their plan to stretcher-carry the injured patient out of the tricky location to the waiting side-by-side, then transferred to ambulance.

“It was a great response from BCEHS, Cranbrook SAR and Bighorn Helicopters with two major trauma calls at once. All worked well together to provide the best care for all three patients,” Cranbrook SAR stated on social media.

“Always, a huge thank you to our members who put their lives on hold to help out others.”

Cranbrook SAR photo


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