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Posted: June 9, 2021

Bylaw amendment application seeks to expand density

City of Cranbrook council May 31 passed the first reading of official community plan (OCP) and zoning bylaw amendments that could lead to a 237-unit multi-family, rental apartment development.

The city received an application from Crowne Pacific Development Corp., to amend a city OCP and zoning bylaw to enable development of a parcel within the Wildstone golf development lands.

The subject parcel is located on the east side of Wildstone Drive.

“The applicant is proposing to develop a 237-unit multi-family, rental apartment development on the subject parcel. To accommodate the proposed development, the applicant is proposing text amendments to the Wildstone Neighbourhood Plan in the OCP by amending Table 5.3 and Table 5.4 of the Wildstone Subarea. Specifically, Table 5.3 will be amended by adding a “rental apartment” category with 237 units,” reported Rob Price of Engineering and Development Services.

“The applicant is also seeking to increase the prescribed density of dwelling units that can be constructed on Lot 5 from 102 dwelling units to 237 dwelling units. While the number of dwelling units for the parcel would increase from 102 to 237 dwelling units, the development aligns with the current land use designation of the parcel, which allows for low-density or medium density development. The parcel has a split designation of LDD (low-density residential land use district) and MDD (medium density multi-family residential land use district). This allows for townhouses and/or stacked multi-family residential dwelling unit types.”

Price reported, “Staff do not have any concerns with respect to the proposed request for an increase in dwelling unit numbers for Lot 5, as this will still be easily accommodated within the overall density prescribed for the OCP Wildstone subarea (overall total 1,500 dwelling units), which includes Boulder Creek, the Whins, Legacy Lookout, and the Woodlands at Wildstone development pods.

“From a staff perspective, stacked multi-family residential units with underground parking allows for the conservation of additional green space by reducing the overall building footprint. Further, the proposed OCP amendment and development will add to the diversity and mix of dwelling unit types and tenures available within the Wildstone golf development.”

Pending council’s concurrence, ‘OCP Bylaw Amendment No 4047, 2021 and Zoning Bylaw Amendment No. 4048, 2021 – Lot 5, Wildstone Drive’ will be advertised and circulated to adjacent property owners and occupants as part of the required public consultation.

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