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Posted: July 29, 2016

Campfires allowed in city within reason: CFES

There are currently no campfire bans in effect in the City of Cranbrook or through the Southeast Fire Centre. That is the message from Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services heading into the BC Day long weekend.

Residents using campfires and other cooking fires need to be aware of a number of things in order not to be a nuisance to your neighbours. A guideline is in place that limits the size of fire pits to 24 inches in diameter. The intent is to ensure that campfires are controllable and do not pose a threat from either radiant heat or flying embers to surrounding properties or other combustibles.

An information notice, respecting campfires within city limits is available on the City of Cranbrook website under Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services.

Meantime, campfires located in the city and the smoke from some of these fires creates a significant number of complaints to Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services on a regular basis.

“People should be aware of the venting index – the ability of the atmosphere to disperse airborne pollutants like smoke,” says Scott Driver, Deputy Director of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services. “When the weather is warmer neighbours in the immediate vicinity often have windows and doorways open. Often these types of issues are a result of an oversight of the person or people using the campfire.”

Those who use campfires or other outdoor fire pits are encouraged to monitor the venting index before using a campfire. You can access this information online or by calling the Fire Hall at 250-426-2325.

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