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Posted: October 16, 2018

Cannabis use in Cranbrook; where prohibited

With the sale and use of recreational cannabis set to become legalized across the country tomorrow (Oct. 17), it’s important that residents of Cranbrook understand where they can and more importantly cannot use recreational cannabis in public places locally.

The federal and provincial governments established legislation regulating the sale and consumption of cannabis, which also allows municipal governments to regulate a number of things around recreational cannabis use including public consumption.

In preparation for this change, City of Cranbrook council Oct. 15 adopted its Clean Air Bylaw, which prohibits the consumption of cannabis by smoking or vaping or the use of tobacco in a number of locations.

Those public locations include: inside public buildings; in and around parks, playgrounds and cemeteries, sidewalks and other public right-of-ways; in transit shelters and bus stops; inside vehicles or equipment owned or leased by the city, or during Outdoor Special Events unless a designated area is created in agreement by the city and the event organizers.

In each case, there also cannot be use of cannabis within a seven metre buffer around any of these areas.

A fine of $150 for the smoking or vaping of cannabis or tobacco in a public place is in effect.

You can find out more information about the city’s Clean Air Bylaw by visiting its website

The Province of B.C. has also put together an informative website with all the details you need about the legalization of recreational cannabis in B.C.


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