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Posted: April 10, 2018

Case study for 48k ha wildfire buffer around city

City of Cranbrook council last night received an update from Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services Chief Wayne Price on a Fibre Recovery Feasibility Analysis Report.

Forest along Gold Creek Road south of the city has been extensively thinned this winter. e-KNOW photo

At a regular meeting of Council on November 7, 2016, council approved a Report Recommendation from the Office of Innovation and Collaboration for the submission of an application under the Rural Dividend Program for a project entitled ‘Feasibility Analysis of Intensive Fibre Recovery from WUI Treated Lands’; and further that council support the project through its duration, Price outlined.

“The report was completed on budget and submitted to the city by R.W. Gray Consulting Ltd. and Tanglefoot Forestry Consultants Ltd. at the end of January 2018. The analysis takes an approach of applying a cost avoidance business case structure to hazard mitigation compared to the economic impact of evacuating Cranbrook for a period of one to three days. The area considered in the analysis is comprised of a 48,000 ha buffer around the City of Cranbrook, which is deemed to be the acceptable treatment area required to protect the city from wildfire,” Price noted in a report to council.

“The analysis provides valuable data that could be considered for potential economic development opportunities, which could result from an industrial approach to mitigation of Cranbrook’s wildfire risk. Further, the report may provide support for ongoing funding from the province and other funding organizations and assist these organizations in prioritizing funding distribution.”

The following is the full report…


Lead image: Extensive thinning of the forest along Gold Creek Road south of the city. Ian Cobb/e-KNOW photos


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