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Posted: April 26, 2018

CCT’s humorous Sunshine Boys begins April 27

Pompous character Al Lewis, played byJim Cameron, receives a call from his daughter while being badgered by his crotchety partner Willie.

By Ken Matthias

Cranbrook Community Theatre (CCT) presents its latest offering, The Sunshine Boys, a comedic account of a retired duo comedy act reunited to help promote the career of their talent agent relative.

Performances will be held at the intimate Cranbrook theatre The Stage Door; the 10-date run beginning April 27.

The humorous dialogue driven story, written by Neil Simon seven years after his similar theatrical hit, The Odd Couple, showcases a cantankerous Willie Clark reluctantly reconciling with his old partner Al Lewis, played by seasoned actors Alexander Gilmour and Jim Cameron, to light up the stage one more time.

Nephew Ben, played by newcomer Landon Elliott, has a secret agenda to bring the two crusty old men back together after time, age, and too many decades of working together pushed them apart.

The two-act play moves from Willie’s apartment to the rehearsal studio and back again after things don’t go as planned. The support cast hint at a bigger world, but the audience is perpetually pulled back into the complex characters of Willie, Jim, and Ben. Will they perform again? Will they reconcile with one another? Will they even survive one another?

More information or www.cranbrookcommunitytheatre.com

Jim Cameron (Al Lewis)  gives Alexander Gilmour (Willie) the infuriating finger treatment while debating each other’s deficiencies.
Crusty old Willie Clark, played by Alexander Gilmour, contemplates the distasteful possibility of reuniting with his former comedy act partner Al.
Uncle Willie faces off with his nephew Ben, who calls Willie’s former partner Al despite his uncle’s stubborn protest.

Lead image: Willie ‘not a doctor’ Clark examines his suspicious partner Al Lewis, reviving their old comedy act in Cranbrook Community Theatre’s latest production, The Sunshine Boys. Photos by Ken Matthias



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