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Posted: December 13, 2021

CFES ready to guide Santa around town Dec. 24

Santa Claus’ annual tour of Cranbrook is set to go ahead Christmas Eve.

Santa has been making this special visit to Cranbrook for decades, and we are so excited to have him back again in 2021. For generations, Cranbrook families have been lucky to get a glimpse of the Jolly Old Fella, and once again this year he has found the time and energy to tour the streets of Cranbrook.

As firefighters we are honoured to share this experience with our community, and we cherish the idea that this Christmas Eve tour now spans multiple generations (and in many cases they are all still enjoying Santa’s tour together in their family homes).

Santa will not be able to accept any kind offerings of holiday treats from the public. Kids – young and old – are also asked to please respect the busy schedule that Santa must keep for the evening when you are outside greeting him as he comes through your neighbourhood. Please do not approach the sleigh.

The tour through the community will start December 24 at 4 pm, escorted by off-duty members of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services (CFES). The overall schedule provided is an estimate. Every effort will be made to have Santa visit as many areas of the community as possible Christmas Eve.

4-5 p.m.          Steeples School and Park Royal area;

5-6 p.m.          Fire Hall and Highlands School area;

6-7 p.m.          Kinsmen Park and Kootenay Orchards School area;

7-8 p.m.          11th Ave – 14th Ave, Gordon Terrace, Parkland School and T. M. Roberts School area;

8-9 p.m.          Gyro and Rotary Park areas;

9-9:30 p.m.     Slater Rd. Echo Field Rd areas.

You can track Santa’s progress through town in real-time on the Cranbrook Professional Firefighter’s Facebook page.

Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services

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