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Posted: August 31, 2021

Chamber surveying members on vaccine passports

The Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce wants to hear what members think about how COVID-19 vaccine passports will impact your business?

The chamber has launched a survey for members to fill out online.

“While the Cranbrook Chamber is in support of initiatives that will reduce the spread of COVID and stabilize business, we fear that the current structure of the program will have unintended negative impacts on business. Employers in many industries are already overburdened and understaffed and our chamber understands that this new program has the potential to add a great deal of strain to businesses who have been fighting tooth and nail, through shut-down after shut-down to get through the pandemic.

“The Cranbrook Chamber, along with many other chambers across the province will be lobbying the provincial government to provide further clarity and support for business around this program,” the chamber noted at the outset of the survey.

“As a member driven organization, we understand that our membership is made up of diverse backgrounds, needs and interests. With that in mind, and as a valued member of the chamber, we want your feedback on the impact that vaccine passports will have on your business.”

Click here to take the survey.


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