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Posted: April 9, 2021

City asks drivers to slow down for workers

With the return of the nice weather, we will start to see more traffic on our roads and more City of Cranbrook staff out working. Road maintenance workers and emergency response staff work on our streets and roads all year round serving our residents. It is so important for drivers to be aware of their presence.

Please slow down and move over to give these personnel the space they need to be safe.

When driving through the city and you see vehicles with flashing red, blue or yellow lights, please be aware that workers are present. Reduce your speed and allow extra space when passing the vehicles or accident scene, where it is safe to do so.

The BC Government amended the Motor Vehicle Act in 2015 to improve the safety of all roadside workers, which includes road maintenance workers, utility workers, animal control workers and garbage collectors. The changes are intended to reduce the risk of roadside workers being struck by passing vehicles.

The City of Cranbrook is committed not only to the safety of the public but to the safety of our staff. Thank you for remembering their safety as well as your own as you drive through construction zones or accident scenes.

Lead image: Cranbrook Public Works employees fill potholes. Please note image was taken well before the COVID-19 pandemic. e-KNOW file photo

City of Cranbrook

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