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Posted: November 27, 2018

City opens door for BC Cannabis Store

City of Cranbrook council last night unanimously approved a zoning bylaw amendment that adds ‘cannabis retail store’ as a permitted use in the Shopping Centre: C-5 Zone.

Council passed City of Cranbrook Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3954, 2018 third reading and adoption following a brief public hearing Nov. 26, with one person stating some concern about the location of the store (425 Victoria Ave N.) in relation to nearby city facilities, parks and residences.

The city received another letter outlining similar concerns prior to the hearing.

Council gave first and second readings to the bylaw on Nov. 5.

The amendment will facilitate the location of a government run (BC Liquor Distribution Branch) cannabis retail store in the same plaza as the BC run liquor store.

The proposed zoning amendment will:

– Add a new general regulation in Section 4.21, establishing the following: A maximum of one Cannabis retail location shall be permitted for property in the C-5 zone as per Section 7.18.1(b).

– Add 7.18.1(b) “Government Cannabis retail” as a permissible use in the C-5, Shopping Centre Zone for Lot 3, District Lot 4 Kootenay District Plan NEP61404 only.

The city received an application from Philip Jones of 517244 B.C. Ltd to amend the zoning bylaw.

“In consideration of the applicant’s request, the amendment was drafted to add the additional use to the C-5 zone, clearly indicating the cannabis retail use be “government ” cannabis retail as per the proposal to establish a BC Liquor Distribution Branch run store on the subject property only. No other C-5 zoned properties would be able to have a cannabis retail store without making a similar zoning application request,” outlines a bylaw report from Rob Veg of the city’s Office of Innovation and Collaboration.

“This additional store increases the cap of 10 previously set by council to a maximum of 11 stores in the city. Note that this may lead to other requests for similar changes in the C-5 zone,” the report stated.

As for concerns of the store location, the city report notes: “The proposed location of the property is outside of the required 100 metre setback from any known schools, parks or day cares (see map – click to enlarge).

“As a result of this requested bylaw amendment, it has come to staff’s attention that public cannabis retail stores established and operated by the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) do not require a licence from and are not regulated by the Liquor and Cannabis regulation Branch; therefore, no additional consideration by council other than this amendment will be required to establish the public store.”

Lead image: The first BC Liquor Distribution Branch BC Cannabis Store opened in Kamloops. Photo included in City of Cranbrook bylaw report

– Ian Cobb/e-KNOW

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