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Posted: May 31, 2019

City to seek grant for Housing Needs Report

City of Cranbrook council May 27 approved a resolution supporting city administrative staff applying for a $50,000 cost share grant in order to produce a Housing Needs Report.

In April last year the B.C. Government enacted legislation requiring each municipality to undertake a mandatory Housing Needs Report within three years. Additionally, they provided the opportunity to apply for a grant, administered by the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), of up to $30,000 to assist with the cost of preparing the report.

The initial intake for the grant application is due on May 31. In order to apply for the grant, a Council Resolution in support of the grant application is required. If the city is successful in obtaining the grant, the report is required to be completed and submitted within one year of notification of award of the grant.

In order to undertake the report, which will involve gathering statistics for over 50 fields of information, public engagement, analysis, and forecasting, it will be necessary to procure a consultant experienced in undertaking housing analysis to complete the work.

It is estimated that external costs will be in the order of $80,000. Additional costs (in-kind) will be incurred by staff in project management, some data collection, public survey, and support.

Staff have prepared a draft application and have received three support letters from the community to date, with more anticipated by the May 31 deadline.

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