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Posted: November 6, 2020

City working with property owners of fire sites

Following several commercial fires in the City of Cranbrook, staff are engaged in discussions with representatives about completing the demolition and site rehabilitation process.

Bylaw Services has recognized that these sites can be hazardous, and due to their very visible locations, remain quite unwelcoming to our residents and visitors.

Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services responded to the structure fires at the former Legion building and May May’s restaurant on September 1, and at the former Kootenay Springs building on October 17.

Bylaw Services has been in discussion with representatives of the former Legion building and are working with them on completing demolition permits in anticipation of this work beginning soon. Requirements to be compliant in meeting environmental standards in the removal of the debris is complicated, however every effort is being taken to meet all expectations for the safe cleanup of the property.

Cleanup is anticipated to be substantially complete by January.

Representatives of the May May’s property also expect to begin demolition of the site shortly, with plans to rebuild.

Discussions are currently underway with representatives of the Kootenay Springs property.

The City of Cranbrook recognizes the challenges associated with post-fire removal of structures and is committed to providing support in getting the work completed properly and in a timely manner.

Lead image: Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services battle the old Legion/May-May fire Sept. 1. e-KNOW file photo

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